Elastic Hub Propeller Shaft Exporter in Surat

We are the most trustworthy company in this domain with efficient professionals and experts in this domain. The Elastic Hub Propeller Shaft Exporter in Surat is the world's leading supplier of prop shafts and drive shafts for a wide range of applications, from automotive and light vehicles to commercial and off-highway. Each prop shaft is specifically designed to meet and exceed customer requirements and is manufactured to precise tolerances from a variety of materials. Regardless of vehicle type, We provide standard performance as well as superior value, safety, and durability.

We are known as Elastic Tube Prop Shaft Supplier & Exporter in Surat

Our company manufactures and designs one-piece prop shafts/drive shafts in a variety of configurations - from traditional sliding fixed flange designs to submerged or fixed constant velocity joints and flexible rubber couplings. We are available in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and metal matrix or carbon composites. Our company is known as Elastic Tube Prop Shaft Supplier in Surat & has developed a drive shaft that addresses customer requirements for a fixed flange on both transmissions. and axle ends. Using fewer components, our prop shafts are lighter and more cost-effective than traditional designs. Available in steel or aluminum, our design uses an innovative groove-forming process to integrate the traditional slide mechanism function into the tube itself. The slip-in-tube design uses two joined tubes with molded grooves to transmit torque while also acting as a sliding mechanism to adjust suspension travel.

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